Ep054 - Best and Worst: Cereals, Richards, and Superhero Sidekicks

February 16, 2018

This week we take a look at a few best and worst categories. Of course in the Richard category...Rich wasn't an option. Enjoy!


Ep053 - Black Lightning

February 6, 2018

The CW has expanded it's DC comic base by dusting off "Black Lightning". This show has far more of a Netflix feel that other CW DCEU shows which is a good thing, but it still has its faults. Costuming, White saviors, wooden acting, and questionable attributes of controlling lightning leave Allan and Patrick feeling a bit meh. Though they have started working on a new musical number to use all the electric puns they came up with - Black Grease Lightning. 


Ep052 - Winter Break Round-Up

January 30, 2018

And we're back, we know you missed us! In our roundup of films from over our winter break we look at Daddy’s home 2, The Disaster Artist, and The Greatest Showman. We also look at some of the accusations in Hollywood as of late and their implications and talk 2018 Oscar Bait. 


Ep051 - Riverdale

December 29, 2017

"Riverdale" is the CW's retelling of the comic classic "Archie". To help in dissecting this modern and far younger take, we've invited some local "Riverdale" experts, mean girls Hope and Julia. And be experts, we really just mean folks in the actual target audience age range! 


Ep050 - The Last Jedi

December 19, 2017

For our 50th episode (who saw that coming?!) we're headed off to a galaxy far, far away! Even though Rotten Tomatoes has given it only a 56% so far, fans seem to love 'The Last Jedi". Its divisive nature seems to fit the theme of the film overall. For the most part characters in "The Last Jedi" are great and we see Rey as a great lead and strong female character. Snoke is the one disappointing character that really just leaves a big hole in the film, pun intended. Overall, we liked it and Patrick will be watching it at least 2 more times in the theater...because, well Patrick.  



Ep049 - Trailer Park: The Last Jedi and Black Panther

December 13, 2017

With "The Last Jedi" just hours away and only a few short months until "Black Panther" arrives, Patrick and Allan decided to do a deep dive in both trailers and layout what they hope for...and what they expect. 


Ep048 - Justice League

December 5, 2017

If you're not a fanboy...this popcorn action flick is great. If you love DC comics and wanted this film to salvage the DCEU...we're sorry. Maybe the next one. From Affleck's and Cavil's lackluster performances to the lack of backstory for Cyborg and Flash, the movie didn't offer much other than a way of showing how Wonder Woman is the best DC property to date. The DCEU is playing catch-up with the MCU... but probably won't catch them. Marvel had more time to develop the individual backstories before the Avengers was released, where DC had to rush to get the Justice League out. 


Ep047 - Thor: Ragnarok

November 13, 2017

Unless you've been living under a (ragna)rok you know that the latest Thor installment has taken the MCU by storm. And people actually like it. Patrick and Allan (friends from work) set out to explore what makes this Marvel stand above the rest and discuss where it ranks in the overall MCU. 


Ep046 - New Mutants

November 1, 2017

This episode we take a look at the "New Mutants" and other things scary in pop culture. For once we're excited for a Fox/X-Men offering that doesn't feature Hugh Jackman. 


Ep045 - Blade Runner 2049

October 24, 2017

Sometimes it's hard to replicate the past. At least that's the case with "Blade Runner 2049". The movie, which had a critic score of 89 and an audience score of 81 on Rotton Tomatoes, doesn't hold up to the original. The sequel is boring, has a bad color palette, terrible sound design and takes away what made the original so great, mystery. 2049 ends with a finite ending, leaving no room for interpretation. The movie was so boring that Patrick got up and walked around the theatre to get his steps in and Allan was checking his watch at an hour in.